Refined Design in Uptown


In the heart of Uptown New Orleans, our architectural journey unfolds, breathing new life into this existing Eastlake style home. Our mission to reimagine its space, refine its design, and enhance its functionality are cataloged in these photographs. The initial challenge lay in the home’s many small rooms. Our vision was to transform them into fewer, more expansive areas creating a harmonious flow that celebrates both history and modern living. We took a fresh approach to bedroom design, ensuring comfort and privacy for both parents and children.

Our redesign also thoughtfully addresses the family’s needs, creating inviting sanctuaries for rest and relaxation. To optimize functionality, we crafted a dedicated workout room on the second floor. The removal of the rear staircase allowed us to fashion a spacious and well-appointed laundry room on the same level, bringing convenience to everyday tasks. One of the most captivating aspects of this project was the restoration of the historic staircase leading to the third floor. By opening up this previously concealed treasure, we have created a space where kids can learn, play, and explore. The transformation extends outdoors, where a sparkling swimming pool awaits just beyond a narrow rear porch. This idyllic setting invites family and friends to unwind and create lasting memories.

In our journey of restructuring this project, we have not only refined the design but also preserved the charm while infusing it with the comfort and convenience of modern living. It is a harmonious blend of history and innovation, creating a sanctuary for this Uptown New Orleans family.

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