About Us

Our Design Philosophy

Architecture and design are, to a large extent, sculptural art forms involving and even unveiling the human spirit. We are given the opportunity daily to dream for our clients, to connect their hopes with a very defined sense of place. From the earliest programming and design phases, the client’s visions are considered an extension of the built environment we have been asked to create. Each space is designed to evoke inspiration and investment in one’s sense of place. At Brian Gille Architects we are dedicated to creating good places in which to work, to live and to dream.

“Good places can change people’s lives.”

—Charles Moore

Brian Gille

Mr. Gille received his Masters of Architecture degree in 1982 from Tulane University where recognition for his excellence in design afforded him the opportunity to augment his formal education. As the recipient of the Russo + Sonder Internship Award, he was allowed to work and study in New York City.

In addition, his studies took him to the San Francisco Art Institute, where he participated in the Center for Architecture & Urban Studies with several nationally recognized architects including Nathaniel Owings and Charles Moore. This broad educational background has enhanced Mr. Gille’s ability to assimilate complex design programs and assemble them into creative building solutions. In addition to the benefits of his formal education, Mr. Gille also places a great emphasis on the variety of experiences he has received as a design professional. He has been on the design team for complex, multi-phase commercial projects but equally enjoys working on the scale of smaller commercial and residential projects in New Orleans and across the Gulf South. In 1987 he founded Brian Gille Architects and, over the years, has been commissioned to prepare designs for both new and renovated residences, including many historical restorations. Mr. Gille’s body of work has gained international recognition and now affords him the opportunity to do work in the Muskoka Lake and Georgian Bay regions of Ontario, Canada. His association with award-winning architects across the country has brought to Brian Gille Architects the importance of relating a structure to it’s surroundings.

Mr. Gille is a registered architect in the State of Louisiana and the Province of Ontario, Canada, a member of the American Institute of Architects (A.I.A.), the Ontario Architects Association (O.A.A.) and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB).

Darin Pierce

Native to southern Louisiana, Mr. Pierce earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Louisiana State University in 1999 and became a Registered Architect in Louisiana in 2005.

After working with two other Louisiana firms recognized for their excellence in residential design, Mr. Pierce took a position with Brian Gille Architects in the summer of 2007. With attention to detail evident in his work, he is able to weave together complex projects with great acumen. He continues his work with historic architecture and creative re-use both in the residential and commercial fields as he brings to Brian Gille Architects exposure to a variety of different building types.

Mr. Pierce is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and has a strong interest in environmentally-conscious design.

Trey Pamplin

Originally from the Mississippi delta region of southeast Arkansas, Mr. Pamplin first moved to south Louisiana to attend Louisiana State University. After earning his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2006, he moved to New York City and worked for a small Brooklyn firm that specializes in the adaptation of former residential and industrial buildings into new multifamily residences.

Mr. Pamplin returned to Louisiana in 2008 and worked with a local New Orleans non-profit organization to replace flood-damaged homes before joining Brian Gille Architects in 2010. His experience, both in New York and across southern Louisiana, has allowed him to shape the built environment and to restore historic spaces for a new generation to live in and enjoy. In 2017, Mr. Pamplin became a Registered Architect in Louisiana.

Susana Dow

Born in New Orleans and raised in Gretna, Miss Dow is a true local. As a business major, her career experiences have a broad range, including all facets of finance and office management. During her position as the financial assistant for a residential builder, Miss Dow translated for the builders on construction sites. Post-Katrina, she was a part of a team that renovated Dillard University in Gentilly.

In 2017, she joined Brian Gille Architects as the executive assistant. Miss Dow is also a licensed Realtor in the state of Louisiana and enjoys helping people create the life they love.