A New Home Uptown


In the picturesque setting of Historic Uptown New Orleans, we had the privilege of crafting a modern architectural gem that echoes the dreams of our esteemed, repeat client. Every beam, corner, and panel is meticulously designed to champion light, even on the constraints of a compact plot. We were also able to honor the stipulations of the zoning codes despite the ambitious program for design. We envisioned spaces that would inspire — a third-floor music room for our client’s melodic musings, a dedicated kids’ den for imaginative play, and a wrapping room that becomes the canvas for creative endeavors.

The exterior is designed to stand the test of time, requiring minimal maintenance. We integrated an elevator for ease and accessibility, ensuring the charm of yesteryears seamlessly meets the conveniences of today. Marble counters and a kitchen of dreams showcase the client’s rich taste, while spacious areas invite grand entertaining. And, as designers who value memories, we ensured spaces that would harmoniously accommodate cherished antique furniture. Through this collaborative design, we have not only crafted a home but reimagined the very definition of luxury, minimal maintenance living.

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