The Vieux Carre in Uptown


In this residence, hidden behind brick walls uptown New Orleans. we were able to intricately blend luxury and functionality, creating an environment that makes you feel transported to a hidden oasis. The design features the addition of a primary bedroom with views directly overlooking the pool, integrating the tranquility of water into private quarters. Adjacent to the pool, a sitting room and powder room offer convenience and a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. The primary suite, with it’s dressing and private bath, ensures ample space for the comfort and privacy of our clients. The addition of an outdoor gas fireplace, flanked by Bevolo lanterns, introduces a warm glow, enhancing evenings by the pool. A kitchenette off the pool room supports entertainment and relaxation, while a pantry room adds practical storage solutions. Surrounding the pool, Pennsylvania flagstone paving merges durability with aesthetic appeal, grounding the design in a sense of natural elegance and coherence.  The feeling we were able to create once our clients walk through the front gate is special, especially in a densely populated city like New Orleans.

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