Dining Hall Renovations at The Academy of the Sacred Heart


Our redesign of the aged Dining Hall at Sacred Heart in New Orleans focused on rejuvenating its utility and aesthetics. Addressing years of wear, we aimed to modernize the hall for its users’ needs and sustainability. The layout was opened up, introducing round, eight-person tables for a blend of openness and intimacy. A key upgrade was improving lighting and ambiance through energy-efficient architectural lighting and more natural light via new larger windows. The project added a modern sound system and media center, and employed faux painting on a wall to harmoniously integrate faux and existing brick, maintaining the space’s original charm while expanding upon it. The kitchen and service areas received significant enhancements for operational efficiency and to support the dining hall’s new design, incorporating modern appliances and fixtures. This renovation exemplifies a harmonious blend of functionality, heritage, and innovation, transforming the hall into a more efficient, welcoming, and adaptable space.

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