Audubon Park Renovation


Nestled within enchanting Audubon Park, this project epitomizes the perfect blend of historic charm and contemporary living. Our client, an interior designer, wanted to explore a transformation—a renovation of a quaint cottage and expansion of it’s usable space.

We were able to seamlessly expand the existing home with sunlight throughout, thanks to strategically placed skylights and larger glass openings. The gentle glow brings warmth and radiance to every corner, connecting you with nature even when indoors. Incorporating oversized windows and glass doors was essential. These portals invite the verdant beauty of the formal garden inside, creating a living space that changes with the seasons. We included a workspace on the second floor, where productivity meets serenity. The client is able to enjoy the park’s lush canopy on one side and the charming streets below as she works.

Detailing throughout pays homage to the spirit of New Orleans. Of particular note is the ornate iron railings at the curved staircase and rear porch which evoke a sense of timeless elegance. The many details which we were able to create add up to a functional, fun transformation of this perfectly sited cottage!

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