An Airy Victorian Renovation


Embarking on the architectural restoration along the revered St. Charles Avenue, we undertook a transformative journey that marries history with contemporary living. Our endeavor encompassed the deliberate demolition of the rear house, breathing an air of modernity into the space while preserving its historic essence. At the heart of the design stands a gourmet kitchen, where the culinary arts intertwine with modern functionality, creating a hub of gastronomic inspiration. The living area embraces tradition through a carefully integrated fireplace, offering a cozy sanctuary.

Responding to our clients’ wishes, we crafted an air-conditioned screened-in porch, an extension that melds indoor comfort with the allure of the outdoors, perfect for relaxation and gatherings. The bathroom, reminiscent of a luxury hotel spa, epitomizes indulgence. Our work on St. Charles Avenue embodies the delicate balance of architectural heritage and contemporary desires. It’s a symphony where the echoes of the past harmonize with the rhythm of modern living, culminating in a residence that exudes luxury, comfort, and a profound sense of home

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